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Check out all our facilities in detail.Choose the best Room for you. We will ensure that you will feel most Homely here! Click the button below to Enquire current pricing!

Single Rooms

If you enjoy living in your own personal space then our single rooms are just for you! Here you can maintain your privacy and spent quality time with absolutely no disturbances.


Twin sharing rooms

Living away from family might make you feel lonely but you are never alone at SRVB. Choose a Twin sharing room where you can experience the comfort of sharing your days with your new friend.


Triple sharing rooms

Our Triple sharing rooms are the best option for those of you who love a little company. It is said true friends stay together and never say goodbye, and these rooms embody that principle.



These dorms ensure that you are right in the middle of things, living in the midst of the hustle and bustle and never missing a single beat.You’ll get the best amenities at the most affordable prices!


Playground/Volley Court

To keep you thrilled and active, we offer a nice playground with a volleyball/throwball court where you can have a blast with your friends.We also have indoor Games like Carrom, Ludo, Chess, etc


Spacious Dining Hall

We have a spacious dining hall where you can enjoy food with all your friends. Here you can spend your time giggling with friends or watching TV while enjoying your food.


security maintained

Round the Clock Security

We have good Security maintained in the hostel. The hostel is equipped with CC Cameras and Security guards to maintain 24-hour security! Lady constables also give a regular visit to solve all the problems if any!

Events We Conduct


If you think hostel life is boring and dull, well you’re in for a surprise! At SRVB, our motto is to make your life comfortable and a exciting.We conduct a hostel week which includes sports competitions and a variety entertainment programme with dance and drama. We believe that every one of you is talented and it is our duty to help nurture you, so you know if you choose SRVB, you’re making the best choice!

We also conduct HOSTEL DAY every Year so that you will be able to showcase your talents and indulge in all Activities.We also celebrate some fun events like Chats day, DJ Night, Moonlight dinner,etc

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*tariffs subject to change without notice.
for both students and working women!

Tariffs ranging from Rs.4000/- per month onwards

*tariffs subject to change without notice.