sri ramakrishna vidyarthini bhavana


One of the institutions run by the Buntara Yane Nadavara Mathr Sangha® is the 70 year old Sri. Ramakrishna Vidyarthini Bhavan which provides a safe and comfortable stay to 275 girls and working women. Situated in the heart of Mangalore City and right opposite the Mangalore Municipal Corporation Office, the 3 storied building is built on a sprawling and spacious Campus with all modern amenities including a state of the art kitchen, an open well, a water sump with 30,000 ltr capacity, Spacious rooms & dormitories clean toilets, hygienic Veg and Non-veg food and a host of other amenities. As a testimony to the visionary skills of the leaders of the Bunt Community this hostel was established in 1949 with an intention of building social harmony and women empowerment as this is the first hostel that is open to all ladies irrespective of caste,creed or religion.The vision was to encourage all women to educate themselves and stand on their own feet.

The core managing Team


The president,secretary and the other office bearers of the BANMS ,manage SRV Bhavan, A Convener,secretary and a team of 20 eminent ladies from the Bunt Community are appointed for a term of three years to manage the day to day affairs of the hostel and also take care of needs of the hostelites. An in-house warden and an assistant warden are available at the hostel. The Management team interacts with the hostelites regularly and see to the smooth running of the hostel,while the wardens maintain discipline,cleanliness and hygiene.The management gives importance to extra-curricular and cultural activities so that the hostelites get a holistic stay at Sri Ramakrishna Vidyarthi Bhavan.

Buntara yane Nadavara Mathr Sangha


Buntara yane Nadavara Mathr Sangha is the parent body of the Bunt Community. Formed in 1908 it was the first registered society of Dakshina kannada District. It was formed by a group of enterprising and visionary bunt leaders with noble intentions of serving the community and the society as well. In a little over 100 years the Sangha has its branches all over the world and has been running scores of educational institutions, hostels and community centers very efficiently. It also offers scholarships, medical aid, help to handicapped people, marriages and extends help during natural calamities.The Bunts who are an integral part of Tulunadu, belongs to warrior clans and were chieftains and feudal lords along coastal Karnataka. All the communities along the coast hold the bunt community in high esteem for their valour leadership, administrative skills, social concerns and peaceful coexistence.

Sri Ramakrishna educational institutions


sri ramakrishna college
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sri ramakrishna pre-university college
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sri ramakrishna high school(English Medium)
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sri ramakrishna high school, puttur
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sri ramakrishna higher primary school
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sri ramakrishna nursery & pre nursery
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